Friday, October 24, 2014

#weltegram2014 October 16-23

This may have gone down as part of the worst week ever. I told Gretchen that I needed a do-over, as I am crazy behind on everything that I need to be doing. But, I know that in time, it will all get done, and it will all get messed up behind and I will fall behind all over again, no matter what each week brings. 

So, let's get to it- our weekly re-cap.
October 16- I tried hiding from my kids, but they found me anyway. 
October 17- Gretchen and Meggie are ready for a birthday party!
October 18- Gretchen meets Captain Cane!

Which is pretty pathetic after being here for over 3 years!
October 19- Addy Pearl wearing a dress that both of her big sisters wore, her big cousin wore for her 1st birthday, and one that I wore 32 years ago! I'm so thankful that my mom saved this dress and that it's seen so many special memories!
October 20- Settled in with my first dose of tami-flu, cough syrup, coke, chicken noodle soup, and vitamin D. 
October 21- Addy Pearl.

Because I had no energy to be a little more creative, or to capture a different memory, because the only memory that I had of that day is from the couch. 
October 22- It's just me and these two goofy girls. 
October 23- Surprise!!!! DJ brought me lunch and Gretchen had to bring me a paper from her teacher, so we had a little family photo op! I'm glad that her daddy got to see her during her school day!

Definitely some highs and lows of the week! Definitely days that I could do all over again (so long as I wasn't sick during them). But, I'm feeling better, and we have a few fun plans this weekend, so HORRAY for FRIDAY!!!

And, in case you missed it!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Fall Break Addition

So, this post was suppose to go up on Monday, but I got majorly sick with the flu, and Monday and Thursday are sort of the same day, so you're getting our weekend wrap up addition today. Just go with it.
Last Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, I had parent/teacher conferences at school. The little girls still had daycare on Wednesday, so off they went, and Gretchen went with DJ to the football offices. We actually had her parent/teacher conference at 8:15, and he didn't leave my school with Gretchen until 9;15, so they probably made it to the football office around 9:45. He texted me at 10:30 asking when I got off, because he wasn't getting any work done! I just laughed because really. He had her there all of 45 minutes before she was completely driving him crazy! All day every day; welcome to my life!
Thankfully, I was able to leave at 11, and I headed straight to pick her up. She had earned a "purple day" at school which means that on ONE perfect day this year, she needed NO reminders about her behavior. Because of her purple day, she earned a coupon for a free pizza buffet at CiCi's. 
So, we went there for lunch and y'all she enjoyed it! I on the other hand, not so much. I don't care what anyone says or how cheap it is, CiCi's pizza is disgusting. They deliver it to our schools on Friday for pizza day and a student found a hair in her pizza last year. I found a hair on my pizza last Wednesday. Um, no thank you. I had completely lost my appetite and if she ever earns a coupon there again, then DJ will have to take her.
After pizza, Gretchen and I went to see Boxtrolls. I have never seen this girl eat so much popcorn in my entire life! Boxtrolls was really cute; just creepy looking characters, but a really cute story line.
After our movie, we went to pick up the little girls from daycare.
We went home and got out the sidewalk chalk and all played outside until it was diner time.
I died when I saw Adalyn and Megan in our little battery operated car together. (even though said car has been out of batteries for two years now- we really need to buy a new battery.)
After dinner, it was bath time, and Addy Pearl was so fussy! Every one swears she's the happiest baby, and while she is, she can throw a fit with the best of them. (Best of them meaning her two older sisters.)
I declared Thursday a stay home to majorly clean house day. I think I ended up getting about half done of what I needed to accomplish.
I had Gretchen try on her Halloween costume that we had been gluing cotton balls to all week long! I had finally finished gluing on over 200 cotton balls and decided she needed to try it on before I finished the arms and the pants for her Lambie costume. At this point, she declared she hated it and didn't want to be Lambie anymore.
And, this is why we will always wait until the last minute from here on out.
She spent the rest of the afternoon choosing her own costume out of her dress up closet.
Megan and Adalyn spent some time playing doctor and patient.
Megan wanted to check my heart beat too.
On Friday we ran errands and the only picture I took was of my bracelets! My arrow is from Stella & Dot, the cross is from Charming Charlie, and the leopard hair tie is yours free with purchase from Honey Pie Accessories.
The girls and I headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up supplies to make Adalyn's halloween costume. Then we went to the mall since Gretchen changed her mind for her costume. She decided to be Elsa, so we went to the Disney store. We had lunch at the mall, and ran into some friends who had just had a new baby girl! It was so good to see them! After lunch we went to Sams Club, and by that time, I was beat, as were the girls. So, we headed home for naps.
After naps, the big girls got dressed up for a knights and maidens birthday party. Gretchen chose her Sofia dress, and Megan chose a cupcake dress.
Adalyn really enjoyed her pizza and cupcake!
It was such a beautiful evening and all of the kids played outside.
I had been talking to DJ about buying the girls a trampoline for Christmas. Sam's Club has this one, and our friends happened to have it in their yard. I told Gretchen to jump on it so I could get a perspective if she was too big, and she definitely is.
Saturday was TU's homecoming game, and we were up bright and early to get ready. Addy Pearl was fussy again, so I distracted her by taking her picture.
Here's Megan waiting for kick-off before we head in to the offices.
And, Addy Pearl. I had totally forgotten her jacket, and it was colder than I expected, so I wrapped a blanket around her shoulders.
Aren't her pigtails to die for!
I wanted a picture of the big girls before we headed inside, but neither was willing to cooperate.
After half time, I took the girls out to choose some candy. Megan's favorite right now is Skittles because her preschool teacher will reward them with a few!
And, for the first time ever, we were able to catch Captain Cane at a football game! Because we always watch the game from the football offices, we never see him, and I've never been able to get a picture of the girls with him. Megan ran up to Captain Cane and was so excited, and then she became frightened and wouldn't take her picture with him. But, I was so proud of Gretchen, because this is the very first time she has ever had her picture taken by herself with our college mascot!
The girls were troopers during the game. None of them had naps, and Adalyn was so excited tos ee her daddy. This is how he worked on game film!
I woke up feeling like my allergies were bugging me on Sunday morning, but we decided that we needed to take the girls to church. Adalyn wore a dress that was mine when I was a baby. Her big cousin wore it on her 1st birthday and both of her big sisters have worn this dress too.
After church, Megan kept repeating her Bible verse, "God helps me do big things." and we went home for lunch and naps. Gretchen and Adalyn fell asleep, but Megan refused and played in her room quietly.
I was starting to feel a bit worse, and took my temperature. I didn't have one, so the girls and I headed out for our final Bible study with the coaches wives. Once we arrived, I felt worse and we went home as soon as it was over. I had a temperature when we arrived home, and told DJ that he needed to come home ASAP. Thankfully, this weekend is our bye-weekend, so DJ has been able to leave work earlier than he usually does.
He took the little girls to school on Monday and Tuesday, and I took Gretchen each day and rounded up the girls each afternoon. DJ came home and took over care for the girls while I just layed there. I'm the worst patient ever. I hate being sick. I tried to make it to work on Tuesday morning because we had a parent meeting, but I knew I would have to leave after our meeting. There was no way I could make it all day. I ended up working on Wednesday and i'm hopefully on the mend and praying that no one else in our house will get sick. Although, Megan keeps telling me that she's going to get sick on Friday. I have almost zero sick days left so hopefully we will all stay well, at least through the end of football season!
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

#weltegram2014 October 9-15

Looking back over these pictures, made me remember that we've made some pretty great memories over the last week! Sometimes I think our lives are so routine. We go to school, we come home, I try to get things done around the house, we go to football, and that's the majority of the week. But, we've had some pretty great adventures this week!
October 9- I decided to sew, and realized that it takes twice as long while Adalyn is awake. But, isn't she cute playing peek-a-boo!
October 10- Philly bound for the TU wife trip!
October 11- Home sweet home
October 12- The Welte girls are ready for church!

And, it's on this day that I realized we skipped fall and went straight to winter and my girls didn't have the proper shoes. I'll be blogging about that more next week in my Girl Mom series!
October 13- I took the Welte girls to Carls Jr tonight just so they could play on the big slide.

They have been begging to go to Carls Jr. for months now! I wasn't sure how I would like their food, but they had a turkey burger and I love, love, love Turkey burgers! The big girls had a super fun time playing too! We'll be going back!
October 14- Some serious game film studying going on!

Gretchen ended up getting hurt at school on Wednesday, so I had to take her to the doctor. (She's fine!) So after our doctor appointment, we went to visit DJ at work. 
October 15- I had parent/teacher conferences in the am, and then the afternoon was a mommy/Gretchen day! We went to Cici's Pizza (which I stand by my view that it is 1,000% disgusting- I'd rather go to Chuck E Cheese than Cici's, which is saying a lot because my girls have NEVER been to Chuck E Cheese) Anyway, after pizza we went to see Boxtrolls! We had a pretty great afternoon!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WIWW- Casual & Work Wear

Today is my Friday and i'm only working a half day! I am so excited to kick off my weekend and catch up on orders over the weekend! Plus, we'll have to the TU homecoming game, and i'm going to squeeze in organizing Gretchen's closet. I know, I have big plans. 

Today I'm linking up today with The Pleated Poppy for WIWWGet Your Pretty On, and Because Shanna Said So for What I Wore Wednesday! 

Twice a week, I'm able to wear jeans to work. I love me some jean days!

Our weather has been a mixture of 70s and 80s, so I still feel that sandals have been appropriate. Plus, my favorite sandals are these leopard print ones that I bought at Target over the summer, and they're pretty fabulous. I will gladly accept any excuse to continue to wear them. 

I paired my Vigoss jeans with this stripe shirt from Loft and my leather wrap bracelet from Nikel & Suede. 
Again, I pulled out my leopard print sandals, skinny jeans, a long layering tank from Target, and this sheer Navy blouse. 
When we had our wives trip last weekend with the football team, we ate dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant in downtown Philly. I decided to change out of my travel clothes and put on something a little more fun. TU's colors are gold, royal, and red. I paired my Vigoss jeans with a yellow top, and royal blue jewelry. It was a perfect TU look.
Three days a week I have to dress up for work. I loathe those days. I never know what to wear, and typically I wear a dress at least one of those days, and then my Matilda Jane Finns on another day. This leaves one day for dressier work wear. We had parent/teacher conferences yesterday, so I decided I needed to be a bit dressier for the occasion. My pumps are black and camel. My black pants are either from Express or Loft. I've had these for several years, and I think once you invest in a pair, they'll last! My tunic is from Loft, I bought it last spring and my leopard infinity scarf is from Nordstorm. 

Please pardon the mess that is my bedroom. I'm pretty sure my house hasn't been deep cleaned since before school started, and it is desperately showing. 
I've worn this dress a lot this year as well. I bought it last year from Loft. I'm pretty sure I wore this on a rainy day with coral flats and my leopard infinity scarf. This dress is super comfy and i'll be pairing it with leggings and boots as it gets colder!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and if today is your Friday, or if you have Fall Break, then woot, woot!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Girl Mom~ Fall Photography

It's the time of year when we all start thinking about fall photography sessions for our family! This is the first fall that we aren't having family photos made since we did a huge session last Spring. I think girl mom's have it so tough when it comes to finding the right outfits and poses to capture our precious daughter in these amazing years. Thankfully, once you find a photographer that you love, most other things will fall into place! 

I thought I'd share a handful of my favorite fall poses and pictures that I found on Pinterest. May these help to inspire you as you get family pictures made this fall.
This one is from our session last spring, but I wanted to go ahead and share for a few reasons. First, the session was held outdoors. The flowers were gorgeous in the spring, but they'd be just as gorgeous in the fall. I rented an antique sofa for this family portrait session. Our photographer recommended us bringing a piece of furniture and the sofa was perfect. It contained the girls, and even though this photograph is an "outtake" it's one of my favorites! I love how she captured G jumping off the sofa, Adalyn crawling, and Megan peeking at her baby sister. 

If you have more than 2 kids, think about bringing a piece of furniture outdoors. Your photos will be that much more interesting. 
Photo's don't have to be all smiles. I have this one framed in my living room and I love how these silly sisters are making faces. 

Thank you Madison Vining for always capturing beautiful images of my girls. 
I thought this picture was just precious. I love the leaves, I love the big sister loving her little brother.

I could not find the original source.
I love this set up for photos. I think props just add so much more dimension! The old quilt, basket full of apples, another basket full of eggs. This is just fall perfection.

Again, source not found. 
I think every girl needs to have her picture made in cowboy boots. I also love the turquoise crate as a prop. Dimension people.

Source not found.
And yes, if you have a baby, please put them in a pumpkin. I wanted to do this with Megan and Adalyn and I never did. But, y'all, I die with the cuteness!
While you have your photographer, ask her to capture a few of just you and your daughter. I promise, you will NOT regret it.

This is one that our photographer took last year of Megan and I. It melts my heart that this age and our relationship was captured. 
And, for a family photo look. I think the different shades of brown, the chambray, the posing- it's all perfect. I wish there were some pretty fall trees in the background, but I think this is a great fall portrait!

If you're in the Tulsa area, I highly recommend Madison Vining.
If you live in the Central Arkansas area, I would recommend Lady with a Camera.

If you have a favorite photographer in your area, leave a comment below in case others in your area are looking!

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