Friday, March 27, 2015

The Weltes at Disney: Hollywood Studios

This week, I'm recapping our trip to Disney World and sharing lots of fun adventures, as well as a few tips we picked up along the way!

Our 1st full day at Disney did not start out as we had expected! After spending the night in the ER, Adalyn and I finally made it back to our hotel room at 6 in the morning! I managed to get a mere two hours of sleep before seeing DJ and the big girls off to Hollywood Studios.

We had Fastpasses scheduled for 9:20 to see Disney Junior Live on Stage and I did not want the big girls to miss it! We love Disney Junior at our house! I woke up just in time to tell the girls that Adalyn had broke her leg, fix their hair, and get out their dress up before they had to head to the busses to get to the park.

I told DJ to take lots of pictures and videos since I was missing out!

Adalyn continued to sleep while I got dressed, and I knew the only way that we would survive the day would be because of Jesus, caffeine, ibuprofen, and pure adrenaline. I had worked so hard planning this trip, that I couldn't let a broken leg get in our way.
Thankfully, Adalyn was a trooper! I cannot tell you how wonderful she did this first day! I gave her some tylenol for the pain, put her in the Ergo and we met DJ and the girls at the park around 11.
While Addy and I were back at the hotel, DJ and the girls were at Disney Junior Live on Stage! It was recommended that we Fastpass this by our travel agent, and then I had a friend say to not Fastpass it, because the Fastpass only got you closer to the front. Live on Stage is a puppet show and it is interactive with some dancing and bubble blowing, but from what I saw on the video, I'm thinking we could've skipped the Fastpass and sat in the back and the girls would've done just as well.

After the show, the girls were able to meet some of their favorite Disney Junior characters! I really wish the rest of the Jake and the Neverland Pirates crew would've been there, but Gretchen was happy meeting just Jake.
And of course, Sofia is her favorite! I let the girls wear their Disney Junior costumes that morning, and they had their favorite Disney Junior characters on their shirts.

We don't have any photos of Megan, but she wore her Doc McStuffins doctor coat over her outfit.

After they met Sofia, DJ took the girls to meet Mickey Mouse. He said that Megan was super pumped about getting Mickey's autograph and that she was going to walk up to him, hand him the autograph book, and get him to sign. DJ said she was talking a big talk and acting very brave!
When it came time, she wanted nothing to do with Mickey and DJ had to hold her the entire time! You can see that she didn't get her picture made with the other Disney Junior characters either!
Thankfully, big sis stepped in and got Mickey's autograph.

Once their show and meet & greets were over, Adalyn and I had arrived at the park. We had some time so we walked to Tower of Terror because DJ really wanted to ride it with Gretchen. We looked at how long the wait was and she agreed that she would be willing to ride, and we decided they could go after lunch.

I think we did some more walking around and looking in shops because I was still not fully awake to have my game plan going.

We had a scheduled lunch at Hollywood & Vine around 11:30. I have to say that this was by far my favorite character meal.
Again, the characters came around to the tables and we were able to self-serve from the buffet. The assortment of food was very similar to what we had the night before at Chef Mickey's. Salad, pasta, fruit, lobster mac & cheese, broccoli, corn dogs, mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, and meats for the adults.
I was disappointed that the food felt the same from the night before, but I thought the energy was so much better than Chef Mickey's! The music was a bit louder, and I felt the characters interacted more with the girls than they did the night before. Maybe it was because Gretchen knew what to expect and how to act to get them to stay around longer, so overall, our character experience was better. They also stopped every few minutes and danced and encouraged the kids to get up and dance and have fun too! Gretchen loved this part!
Sofia loved seeing herself on Gretchen's shirt!
Doc came over and I thought Megan would be super excited! Big sis came to the rescue again to get Doc's signature!
I had to hold Megan and this was as close as she'd let me get! She was climbing up my side like a cat trying to get away from a waterhose. She was terrified!

We let Megan hang out under the table from then on while the characters came over.
Addy Pearl was not a fan of Handy Manny! He's probably the character that my girls would've cared less about, but judging from the smile on Gretchen's face she was pretty excited to see him!

After lunch, we had another Fastpass to The Little Mermaid. Again, not sure if it was worth the FastPass, because everyone seemed to be able to get in. The show was a lot of fun and the girls really enjoyed it! Ariel's tail was really pretty and the songs were beautiful! The sea witch was pretty terrifying, and I felt that they skipped the bulk of the movie- I really wanted to hear "Kiss the Girl", but honestly, it was super cute!

After the Little Mermaid show, we split up and DJ and Gretchen went to Tower of Terror! He said they did great!
The little girls and I were heading to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground and ended up finding it, not thinking that was it, and then we walked around some more until we finally found it again. That was not my best moment! But at least we found the stars footprints and handprints and we tried to see how we measured up!
The playground was tons of fun! The giant ant was there, and there were slides and tunnels. Had I not been carrying Adalyn with a broken leg, I'm sure I would have enjoyed climbing through! The back wall had little pools of water dripping down and it was a great little cool off spot!
I let Addy reach over and play in the water and she loved it! I so wish I could've let her get down to play! There was another part of the wall that you could push on and water would seep out. The girls loved it!
Addy was being a great sport! She had fallen asleep in the stroller with all of our walking, but she woke up when I had to park the stroller and put her in the Ergo.

Once we were finished playing, I promised the girls that we would get a snack. We headed over and picked up Mickey ice cream!
Adalyn loved it and had chocolate all over her!

DJ and Gretchen met back up with us while we were waiting in line and they ended up being a part of a little side show! We have it on video, and although it's long, it was really funny to watch and they were all great sports!

Once the entertainment was over, we headed to the Toy Story ride that we had Fast Passes for and all the girls loved it! Seriously, it was so much fun! I would definitely FastPass this ride, as there was a really long wait, but we were able to walk right on!
After we finished Toy Story, Megan begged us to go see Cinderella's carriage! We had walked by it while we were looking for the playground, and I told Megan we would go back to see it once Gretchen was with us. This is the carriage that was in the movie and it was gorgeous!
You could only take your picture with it, which Megan was not happy about! She really wanted to touch it!
After we took pictures, and realized that our FastPasses were used, we decided to part ways so DJ and Gretchen could go to Indiana Jones. I wasn't sure that she would enjoy it, so I didn't have it on our itinerary, but she loved it! I was shocked! She has said that it was her favorite "ride" and continues to talk about it! She hasn't seen any of the movies, but I'm thinking we need to get one for her Easter basket!

The little girls and I headed over to see what time Beauty and the Beast started, and we were too early for it, and Megan had fallen asleep. We sat in the shade and Megan slept.
Once it was time for the show to start, Megan was starting to wake up, but she told me that she wanted to go back to the hotel and miss the show. My hope was that we were going to see Beauty & the Beast and try to see the Frozen Sing Along afterwards, but the girls were pooped.

The great part about not telling them what to expect, or what our plans were, is that they didn't expect anything! Gretchen has no idea that she missed the Frozen Sing Along! I'm sure she'd be upset that she missed it, but since we didn't tell her, she has no clue!  

We headed back to the hotel, and DJ and Gretchen met us a little while later. She decided that she was done for the day too, and I think she wanted to swim. We ate dinner at the hotel, and the girls were fussy. We decided to give them a bath and get them in bed (I was tired too!) and DJ went back to Hollywood Studios because he wanted to ride the Rockin' Rollercoaster. The timing worked well for us, and I was glad he was able to go back and enjoy it! I'm pretty sure we were all asleep by the time he got back!

On Monday, I'll be sharing our Epcot adventures!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Night in the ER....

Our first night at Disney World was less than stellar. We had arrived at the resort, went to dinner, rode the monorail and came back to the hotel for the girls to swim before we all went to bed. Adalyn had spent most of the evening traveling in my Ergo (which is sort of like a backpack, and I can carry her around on my back.) Honestly, our trip was off to a pretty fantastic start.
Once we arrived back to our room, I put Adalyn down on the bed and we noticed that she wouldn't lower her leg down and wouldn't bear any weight. DJ thought that her foot looked swollen and she would whimper when her foot/ankle were touched.
DJ suggested that we immediately head to urgent care and get her checked out. I was adamant that nothing was wrong, but since I knew the next three days would be nothing but go, go, go, I decided that he was right and I should go ahead and take her.
Thankfully, our travel agent had given us the name of an urgent care that was open until midnight. We went to the front desk, contacted a cab and off I went with Adalyn while DJ took the big girls to swim.
It was around 9:00 when we finally arrived to the urgent care and there were 20 people already there and waiting. I knew that we were going to be settling in for a very long night once I saw how many people were ahead of us. My next thought was that I had to sit near someone that didn't look sick for fear of her catching something worse.
Over the next hour and a half, Adalyn slept peacefully in my arms and I was on the verge of tears from exhaustion. I prayed that Jesus would put people in my path that night that would be able to keep me distracted and that the doctors would be able to help Adalyn. Thankfully, I sat near a young girl that was in Orlando participating in the Disney College Program, and we had small conversations while people continued to come in, some finally were called in, and others eventually filed out after being seen. I literally counted down how many people were in front of us.
Around 11:00, Adalyn was called back, and the nurse (who was honestly a young boy; maybe in his early 20s fresh out of school) helped us. He was the nicest young man and was gentle and caring. He listened to the run down of her symptoms, again, none of which were alarming to me at the time..... her foot may be swollen, she had been running a fever off and on since the night before (she had a runny nose and I figured the fever was due to her allergies) and that she wouldn't put any weight on her foot.
The doctor finally came in and I ran through her symptoms again. He checked out her ears, listened to her heart and agreed that she had a little sinus infection. He then felt her foot and stated that it was warm to the touch. Immediately, he said that we needed to head to the ER. It was very likely that she had a bacterial infection in the joints and if not treated right away, could worsen and cause irreversable damage to her foot. Meaning, she wouldn't be able to walk well; maybe even at all (At least, that was what I was picturing.) He suggested that we head to Arnold Palmer, one of the best children's hospitals in the area, and I briefly asked him, "Do you think she's just broken it?" And he replied with a very matter-of-fact "no".
He called ahead to the ER to let them know that we would be coming, and thankfully we were not charged for the urgent care visit or our cab ride to the ER.
It took about 30 minutes to arrive at Arnold Palmer and I called DJ and my mom to let them know what was happening. I sat in the cab clinging to Adalyn and crying. I cried and cried. I was terrified for my daughter.

Once we arrived at the ER we waited two more hours. Honestly, I thought that since the urgent care and called ahead and since the doctor was certain that she had a bacterial infection, we would be seen right away. I was so wrong.

Once we finally were called back, we waited some more to see the nurse. When she finally came in, she began to inspect Adalyn's left leg, and not her right leg. I was so tired, that I didn't even notice. The nurse reported that she didn't notice any swelling, heat, knots, or outwards sign of infection. Of course, it was because she was looking at the wrong foot!

Once she left, I tried to relax, and about 10 minutes later, I realized she had looked at the wrong foot. I called her back in to the room, and she looked at the correct foot and still did not notice anything. At that point, she told me that she really did not think that there was a bacterial infection. I breathed a sigh of relief, but still felt overwhelmed since something had to be wrong.

Adalyn was more awake at this point, and she was laying on the bed kicking up at me. I started to play with her and squeeze her legs a bit. I started at her knee and worked my way down, and when I got just above her ankle, she winced and cried. That's when I realized, it wasn't her foot at all. It was her leg.

The doctor finally came in, and she agreed we needed to get x-rays done. After waiting longer, the radiologist came in, and took us down to x-ray. I had to hold Adalyn's leg in positions while she turned the machine on and off. I have no idea why there was not another x-ray tech there that night. Once it was done, I asked her if there was a break. She confirmed that there was, but said she couldn't say anything else until the doctor took a look. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. At least I knew that I wasn't crazy and something really was wrong, and that it wasn't a bacterial infection!

The orthopedist finally came in and let me know her leg was broken and that they would need to put a splint on. He asked if I wanted to see the x-ray, and I told him, "No, just fix it." I was so exhausted that I didn't need to know anything else. I just wanted it fixed so we could get back to the hotel.

About 20 minutes later, they came in to put a splint on her and bless her heart, she cried and cried. Afterwards, she fell asleep and I was told that we would be discharged soon.

Again, more waiting. The nurse had to check on her again, we had to wait for the social worker to come in (standard procedure) and then we had to wait for the x-ray's to be copied on a disc so we could take them with us.

Around 5 am, we were finally discharged, and we waited some more for a taxi to take us back to the hotel. I think I walked in the door around 6 am, and immediately fell into bed. Thankfully, Adalyn had slept in the car and was still asleep, so I placed her in the pac n play. 
About an hour and a half later, I heard DJ up with the girls, and I had remembered that I hadn't set out their costumes to wear to the Disney Junior show at Hollywood Studios. I got up to see the girls, fix their hair, get out their outfits, and at that point DJ and I realized that we had left a huge bag full of gifts and surprises in his truck. (At the airport. In Memphis.) Could things get any worse?

He went ahead and took the girls to Hollywood Studios, since we had a Fastpass at 9:30 for a show. I had worked so hard planning, that I didn't want the big girl's to be disappointed or impacted in their little sisters injury. I tried to go back to sleep, but once I calculated that I'd get an hour at best, I figured that I would do better just taking a shower and getting dressed. 

I talked to my mom, texted some friends, and updated my Facebook with our news and the pathetic picture above. 
Around 10:30ish, I was dressed, had Adalyn up (but man was she tired!) and we were ready to meet our family! I only managed to survive the day with Jesus, caffeine, adrenaline, and ibuprofen. My big girls were the only reason that I didn't call it quits on the whole day. 

Adalyn did great! She was so tired, but I gave her some tylenol for her pain, held her in the Ergo, and she was able to prop her foot up in the stroller once we were at the park. 

We met with the orthopedist in town on Monday to get a better understanding of what we're dealing with. We did find out that she broke her tibia. It's a hairline fracture, and she won't need surgery. They went ahead and put a hard cast on her leg, and we chose pink. They told us to try to keep her from bearing weight, but being an active 20 month old, that may be difficult. She's already learning that when she "stands" to hold her foot up. She looks like a little flamingo! 

She's wanting to be held a lot, which is making it difficult to get anything done. She is still going to daycare, and should be okay so long as she's careful and we are watching her. I'm very thankful that she has an amazing daycare teacher who will take such good care of her! 

Next Monday, DJ will take Adalyn back to the orthopedist, and they'll perform another x-ray to see how her leg is healing. The cast could be on for up to 4-6 weeks. 

At this point, I'm nervous how it will affect Addy's walking, but I'm also thankful that it's not anything worse. Broken bones will heal. 

Thank you to everyone that has messaged us, called us, checked in, and prayed. It has meant the world to me. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Welte's At Disney: AofA and Chef Mickey's!

We're back from our Spring Break Disney trip and trying so hard to recover! We had a fabulous week full of memories that will last a lifetime! Over the next few days, I'll be recapping our vacation and sharing a few tips that I picked up a long the way, as well as a few things I'd do differently next time around! Yes, I'm already planning a next time around! 

We woke up Monday morning in Memphis and surprised the girls with the news that we were heading to Disney World! I didn't get any pictures of our surprise! Adalyn had woken up in the middle of the night a few times, and ended up having a 101 fever, and we were rushing to get ready. DJ did get it on video for us. 

I made the girls a carry on bag, that I purchased from thirty-one gifts. The bags were their cinch saks and were red/white stripe with their names in yellow. I put a princess art kit, coloring book, notebook, princess water bottle, and their outfits for the day in the backpack. We let the girls open their bags, and Gretchen figured out right away that we were heading to Disney World! 

Our flight left at 10:30, and the girls did great! DJ sat with the big girls and recorded their reactions of our take off. Adalyn and I sat across from them, and thankfully Adalyn ended up with her own seat! She slept a while on the way there, and the big girls colored the entire time. 

Once we arrived in Orlando, we boarded Disney Magical Express and made it to the hotel! I'd highly recommend using DME. They took care of all of our baggage, and it was fabulous not having to deal with any of that! 

Unfortunately when we arrived to the hotel, our room was not ready. I'm not sure if it was because I forgot to check in online the day before or if they were just running really behind. We had packed our swimsuits in our carry on bag, but we didn't have sunscreen with us (it was in our suitcase) and DJ didn't want the girls to swim without having sunscreen. We decided to get lunch and then we walked around the hotel exploring for a while. 
The girls found fun hats and character ears in the hotel gift shop.
Reggie loved these Minnie ears. 
Adalyn slept most of the afternoon. She was pooped, and since she had been running a fever, and had a runny nose, she was less than stellar. 

We stayed at Art of Animation hotel. I absolutely loved staying on site, and I loved how well it was themed. If you have boys, they'll love the Cars area! 
Gretchen was really excited to be there and to see the cars!
Megan insisted on keeping on her jacket even though it was 80 degrees! It was hot, and I had no idea it would be that hot there! 

There was a great pool area in the Cars part of the hotel, and then we made our way over to the playground, which was not that fabulous, and we checked out the Nemo pool, which was amazing! There was even a little splash pad, and I really wanted to let the girls swim! DJ insisted that they not get sunburned the next day. Note to self, carry on your sunscreen!
Our room was finally ready and we were able to check in and rest for just a bit. We stayed in The Lion King family suite. I loved that we had a suite and had plenty of room for all of us. The girls loved that there was a bed that came out of the wall, and they took turns sleeping on the murphy bed or on the sofa bed. 

Next time around, I'd be satisfied with a regular hotel room on site. We weren't in the room very much and we were so exhausted by the end of each day that sharing a room wouldn't have been a problem. However, we were able to wake up the next few mornings without disturbing the girls. 

Once we relaxed in the room for a bit, we were able to freshen up (our luggage arrived!) and we headed to dinner at Chef Mickey's!
Chef Mickey's is located in the Contemporary Resort. We had to take a bus from our hotel to Magic Kingdom, and then we took the monorail over to the hotel. I had heard great things about this meal, so I had high expectations! We arrived a bit early, and thankfully we were seated within 5 minutes of arriving. We were starving!
There was a little photo op and I took pictures of the big girls. Adalyn was still tired and fussy, so I didn't take her out of the Ergo until we got to our table.
During the meal, the characters make rotations through the restaraunt and stop at each table. We had forgotten our autograph book, but thankfully DJ had a notepad and pen in his backpack that we used instead and the girls didn't really know the difference!
It turns out, the autograph books were still in a hidden bag, that we had left behind in DJ's truck at the airport in Memphis!
Once we were all seated, I took the girls up one at a time to fix their plates. They had salads, pasta's, sushi, mac and cheese, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, broccoli, mashed potatoes, amongst other assortments.
Find my shirt here.
Megan was TERRIFIED of the characters! She insisted on crawling in my lap or hudding right up against me, so I came up with the idea for her to hide under the table when the characters came around. And she was very happy under here. She'd come up when we told her the characters were gone, and she'd slip back down whenever they headed toward us. It was quite hilarious watching her reactions!
Gretchen with Goofy!
Gretchen with Pluto.
Gretchen with Donald.
Most of the time, Adalyn continued to eat and pay no attention to the characters. However, she did not like Donald!
Mickey came around and we were finished with our visits from the characters.
Megan relaxed a little bit and came up from her hiding spot and finished her meal!
Then it was on to desserts! Yum! I chose a little sampling, and ended up giving the mouse heads to the little girls (They were oreos, with a ball of chocolate on top, and little chocolate ears). I ate the cream puff, bread pudding, and chocolate dessert myself!
Adalyn loved the mouse head! I think she ended up eating two of them! And the other girls had ice cream with sprinkles.
Chef Mickey did have really great food! I ended up getting a salad, lobster macaroni and cheese, a dish of roast beef, and some carved meats. The lobster mac and cheese was my favorite dish, along with the roast beef dish. The desserts were really yummy too!
After we finished eating, we rode the monorail to get a peek at the other resorts, and then we headed back to our hotel, to begin the worst night of my entire life.... and that story will be shared tomorrow!
Thanks for following along with my Disney posts! I am by no means an expert as this was our very first vacation! But, it's always helpful to hear other's experiences so I wanted to share! Feel free to ask any questions or share your own experiences in the comments below!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Memphis Zoo Fun!

Last Sunday we took the girls to the Memphis Zoo! We had to go to Memphis because our flights to Disney World were out of Memphis, and we knew the zoo would be the perfect excuse to get us there! 

Thankfully, my brother, sister in law, and niece came with us and we enjoyed a day full of sunshine! We grabbed lunch as soon as we arrived and spent the next several hours looking at animals and walking around the zoo. 
I have heard wonderful things about the Memphis Zoo, so I was excited to go! 

When we lived in Indiana, I loved taking Gretchen to the Indianapolis Zoo and I had heard Memphis was so much better! 

Addy Pearl was trying hard to be a big girl and when she saw the other girls climbing up to see the animals, she decided she needed to as well!
These girls are my heart!
Megan loved seeing all of the animals! She kept saying that we were going to the jungle and not the zoo!

My brother brought his wagon, and the girls ditched our stroller for it!

I loved that Megan was holding on to her little sister!
Our group walking through the zoo.

Adalyn took a little spill out of the wagon, so we broke out the Ergo for the rest of the trip. 

They loved looking at the dragon.

Then we took a little train ride around the farm animals!
Megan was a litte afraid of the noise from the train when we went through the tunnel. She just covered her ears and was all good!
I loved spending the day with these girls!
We were all exhausted after our zoo visit, and ready to get to the hotel! We told the girls that we were staying in a hotel and that we might go visit their other grandparents the next day. They were totally okay with that excuse!

Gretchen found a worm while we were waiting to get back in the car; it may have been her favorite animal!
After we left the zoo, we headed to the hotel, took advantage of the evening appetizers and drinks, and then went to dinner. Once the girls had baths we all went to bed and anxiously awaited their Disney surprise the next day! 

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