Thursday, April 17, 2014


Welcome back today! I took the day off from blogging yesterday, because I just didn't have time to get a blog post together! This week has been crazy to say the least, and we've been so busy! I worked all weekend on orders and we've had state testing at work this week, along with lots of busy catch up around the house! Anyway, let's get started rehashing some of the fun events over the last week!
I realized as I was putting together my blog post last week, that I am somehow off a day. I knew that this would happen, but I honestly don't know how it happened or where I missed. I think I just have miscounted on the blog, and that i'm not really off a day, but I'm still trying to figure out how it's happened! So, I'm moving from the number of day it is, to the actual date in hopes to make things easier for me!  
Thursday, April 10th- Gretchen insisted on walking to the bus stop. She was halfway down our street before I was even out the door! (I typically drive her to the bus stop because as soon as she's on the bus, I head to work, but now that the weather is warming up, she wants to be a cool kid and walk.)

Friday, April 11th- Addy Pearl waved for the first time today!
We had been working on waving for about two weeks, and as she was sitting in the stroller, our neighbor waved to her, and she waved back!
Saturday April 12th- DJ took the girls tot he TU softball game.
Sunday April 13th- I had a marathon sewing weekend and I was so excited to finish up my last order!

Monday, April 14th- Addy Pearl went grocery shopping with mommy while her sisters played soccer.

Tuesday, April 15th- Addy Pearl using a sippy cup for the first time.... I'm pretty sure she had no idea what to do with it. I don't even think she holds her own bottles, but the cup kept her entertained at dinner.

Wednesday, April 16- Gretchen was chosen to have her art displayed at the district art show.
Thursday, April 17- Meggie has her Easter egg hunt at school today!
If you didn't have a chance, stop back over to Tuesday's Girl Mom post and find out how we'll be celebrating Easter this weekend with the girls!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Being a Girl Mom~ Celebrating Easter!

Easter is this Sunday, and I cannot wait to celebrate with the girls! We were originally planning to be at my mom's this weekend, but with DJ's work schedule, the girls and I decided to stay home so we can be together as a family. Now that we are staying home, I had to come up with some super girly ways that we could celebrate this weekend!

With that, I want to welcome you back to my "Girl Mom" series!
Be sure to check out my previous posts here

The girls will be starting off their Easter celebration, in these super adorable Easter pajamas!
They each have their own pajamas with their initial.
I found these Peep sticks on Pinterest, and while it would be adorable for their Easter baskets, I thought it would be fun to make these and hand out to our neighbors! Our neighbors are constantly helping each other out and it would be nice for us to give them a little something to say thank you!
I'm going to sneak in a few plastic eggs filled with snacks for Gretchen's lunch this week! Today, she has an egg filled with gold-fish!
I bought doughnut holes from the grocery store for us to have a "bunny tail" breakfast!

And how cute are these bunny bottoms made with pancakes!

We will also be celebrating our true meaning of Easter and the birth and resurrection of Christ.  Typically, we let the girls wake up Sunday morning to open their Easter baskets. Then we get dressed and ready for church. Once we get home, we'll have lunch and have an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. We'll also have an Easter egg hunt at least once in the house with our resurrection eggs. 

Resurrection eggs tell the story of Jesus' death and resurrection in a way that is easy for kids to understand. You can get these at Mardel's, Hobby Lobby, or another Christian bookstore!

So, how will you be celebrating this weekend?

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Final Spring Break Post

 Yes, three weeks after our Spring Break trip, I am finally posting about the last third of our trip! We broke the week down into three parts; visiting DJ's dad, visiting his mom & sister, and finally, visiting my parents.

We arrived at my parents house on Thursday afternoon, and it was a gorgeous day, so the girls played outside a ton! 
They jumped on the trampoline. 
Blew bubbles.
Played on the slide.
And jumped on the trampoline some more.

On Friday, we had a lazy day at my mom's house, and then that evening we went to get Gretchen's hair cut, and met everyone at Pizza Inn for dinner!
These cousins are crazy!

Then my brother had the great idea to take the girls to Jump Zone. So we did.
The girls had so much fun running, playing, and sliding!
And, excuse the horrible quality picture, but the grown ups had fun too! 
Saturday was another lazy morning.

Megan pushes this stroller around the entire time she is at my mom's house. She loves it!
I tried to get her to nap on Saturday afternoon, but I was totally unsuccessful.
That evening we all went to All Aboard for dinner.

My girls attacked me as we were leaving the house.
And we tried to get a family picture, but no one wanted to look at the camera!
I've heard about All Aboard from most of my Little Rock friends, and my mom has talked about it several times, so we were excited to go. All we were told is that your food is brought to your table by a train that rides around the top of the restaurant. 
So, when you walk in, you order your food, and you're given a little plastic key card. Once you get to your table, you insert the key card into a little machine. When your food is ready, the train drives around… your food is in a little car behind the train, and once the train arrives at your table, the basket falls down onto a little elevator, and rides down to your table. 
Meggie and I enjoying dinner.
DJ and Papaw. 
DJ and Adalyn
The girls wearing their conductor hats after dinner!

On Sunday, we packed up the car and the girls and headed home!

We had such a fun Spring Break trip, and it just left me longing for summer and all of the fun we're going to have this year!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter at Our House

Easter is just a week away so today I'm sharing with y'all our Easter decorations! 

I had a lot of fun decorating this year, and I tried to think outside of the box for my usual decorations! 

I wanted fun, bright, and kid-friendly!
On the dining room table, I added a large vase with eggs. I placed three mason jars wrapped in burlap and lace, as well as a container of grass, and our Bible verses. 
I filled the mason jars with squiggly straws that we had, pinwheel straws (Target) and paper flowers (Target). 

The girls are loving the fun straws on the table! 
These paper flowers were about $3.00 from Target! I decided that i'll use them for Megan's birthday too and I'm thinking of leaving the straws and flowers on the table through spring and summer!

On the other side of the table, I placed two felt baskets for the girls to play with and keep things in. I bought them each a placemat from Target.
Our side table has a cake stand, bunny salt & pepper shakes, a carton of colored eggs, and a tin bunny pail. 
I added an egg bunny platter to our shelf in the kitchen. 
I removed most everything from the mantle and replaced it all with pastel colored Easter decorations.

I layered the decorations with burlap ribbon and added our "Spring" banner that we made a few years ago. 
I added sparkle eggs in a small stand.
And Easter grass in a taller one.
A wooden bunny is placed on a book.
I added a pewter bunny egg tray and a cute little boy bunny figure on the other end. 

And finally placed my egg candlesticks. 

I've always put these on my kitchen table, but I love them on the mantle! 

I added a few Easter decorations to our entry table too.
A pewter dish full of pastel eggs. 

A picture of Gretchen hunting eggs, and a little bunny figure that my mom gave me. 
An old vase full of yellow and green flowers and grass, and a little chalkboard art!

Thanks for stopping by my house today!