Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's Monday, and my day is starting off as at ypical Monday morning! 8 am meeting, rainy day, and seeing speech kiddos back to back until lunch time!
Can we please go back to Saturday???
Addy Pearl is looking so big! I dressed her Thursday morning and had to take a picture, because she is definitely looking more like a toddler rather than an infant.
That makes this mama sad.
My mom came in on Friday to spend the weekend since DJ was at our away football game.
My mom picked up Gretchen from school, and I picked up the little girls, and we met at home just to drop stuff off. We went to Panera for dinner and then to Hobby Lobby and finally back home to put the honey pie's to bed. I was so glad to have my mom in town!
Saturday morning we decorarted the house for fall. Here's a little sneak peek! I'll be blogging all my decor later this week!
Saturday afternoon was spent doing laundry and watching football.
I found this acorn in the windowsill on Saturday, and as I picked it up and inspected it, Megan looked at me and said, "I ate it." I asked her why and she responded with, "because I was hungry."
This girl never ceases to amaze me anymore with her antics.
I finally took a shower and put on comfy TU clothes to watch our game!
The game started at 7, and it was very quickly a let down. I'm not even going to sugar coat it. It was just bad, and by 3rd quarter, I decided I was done, and went upstairs to sew.
I spent some of Sunday afternoon working on my embroidery machine because it had given me fits on Thursday evening. My mom suggested that I changed my needle, and bam, it worked fine again.
I had agonized over my "broken" machine most of the day and I cannot believe the fix was so simple.
So, I finished up shirts! Y'all went nuts over the witch hat design, and I shipped out 5 of these today!
Sunday was a lazy morning since DJ didn't get home until 5:30 AM. Yes, you read that right. He managed to get all of 4 hours of sleep before getting up to hang out with us for the morning. Once Adalyn went down for a nap, I went back upstairs to work on more orders and then it was time to get ready for Bible study.
My girls all have their own personality and march to the beat of their own drums.
They found a grasshopper.
After Bible study and pizza, we came home for baths, more laundry, vacuuming, fixing lunches, and finally bed time! I tucked Gretchen into our bed, so I could package orders and finish another shirt before calling it a night!
Here's to Monday y'all! And, despite me being swamped at work, at least I know that this weekend will be here in 5 short days!
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites: FallSpired

It's going to be in the 70s here in Tulsa this weekend, and it's the first away football game of the season! That officially marks the start of fall for me, and it means that I can start decorating the house! My mom is coming up this weekend to help, and I have a few new ideas for decorating this year, and of course, Pinterest helped!
I'm linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share a few of my favorite fall decorating ideas that I found on Pinterest!
I recently made a chalkboard out of an old cabinet door. I've been wanting to hang it in my kitchen, but after seeing this sign, I think i'm going to use it on my mantle! Our art piece that we had above the mantle fell and broke this summer and I've not found a replacement, and I think our chalkboard will work perfectly in that space!

I also love the little pumpkin garland!
I love how simple this is. 

Simple and totally makes the perfect statement. 
I love the leaves and pinecones in the apocrathy jar. 
I love everything about this. The wood tones, the orange, burning candles, the leaves. 

It screams fall. 
Something like this would be perfect on our dining room table. 
For years, I've wanted to have a thankful tree, and I think we will do it this year. I have a die cut that I can cut little tags out of, and I know the girls would love to finally start this tradition.
See that pillow? It's made out of burlap and the acorns are drawn on with a sharpie!!!! I'm totally wanting to find some cheap pillows to draw on! I would have never thought of this idea, but honestly, it would be the perfect budget friendly project piece!

I hope you're getting a glimpse of fall this weekend in your town! It's going to be back in the 80s next week, so I'm going to open the windows, light a pumpkin scented candle, and decorate to my hearts content this weekend!

Happy Fall!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

#weltegram2014 September 4th-10th

It's been a great week around here in the Welte house!

September 4th- Picking out cereal takes a lot of thought. 
September 5th- It was one of those days. Sonic for dinner
September 6th- The Welte girls are ready for game day!
September 7th- Addy Pearl is having fun playing tonight at bible study.
September 8th- First graders must be really good at sharing germs. This is the second time in a week that she's been sick and it means we will be taking another day off school. She projectile vomited in three rooms of our house today.

(Thankfully, after she threw up, she felt much better, but still ran a low grade temp the rest of the next day. And the flash totally hurt her eyes!)
September 9th- Caught Meggie painting her tootsies!
September 10th- Addy Pearl is totally transforming into a little toddler right before my eyes!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Girl Mom~ We're Going Shopping!

It's finally begining to look like fall here in Tulsa! For this girl mom, fall means updating closets, purging summer clothes, and purchasing new clothing staples that will easily bring my girls through fall and into winter. 
I love shopping for my girls, and I've shared about shopping for their Spring Wardrobe in this post, but now it's time to move on to fall!
I had to go to Old Navy a few weeks ago in order to buy a dress for a customer order, and I fell in love with lots of pieces for my girls! Throughout this post, you'll get a hint at what our favorite colors and patterns are going to be for this fall.

 First up. I love these plum jeans. I just think that they'll style well with so many pieces, and can last throughout the fall and winter season. They're perfect for preschool and playing, but they can also be dressed up with cute tops for dinners out and date nights with mom and dad. Find the jeans here.

I think this mustard peplum top would match the plum jeans smashingly! Pair the two together with a hooded fur vest or a chambray jacket and your girly girl will be the best dressed in town. Find this top here.
This top is also a Tulsa color, so I know it's a win with the hubby!

I love, this dress! It just screams style and comfort and my girls need it. Find it here.

This puffy vest is adorable. I love the polk-a-dots! I think it will add instant style to any of their play outfits. Find it here
I am drooling over these mustard ballet flats. Do they have these in my size?
After moving on from the toddler section, I browsed the big girls for Gretchen.

 This dress is another that I'm wishing came in my size! I'm loving the touch of animal print.
I think this sweater vest is such a classic piece. It would top a dress or t-shirt perfectly and add a bit of comfort in the classroom. Find it here.
And these camo flats! My non little hunting buddy needs these. We have yet to jump on the camo trend, but these shoes will be a seamless way to transition into adding camo pieces into her wardrobe. Find them here.
What are your favorite pieces to dress your girls in? Do you have a favorite color trend that's sticking out to you?
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Come On In…. Our Master Bedroom

Tuesday's are typically reserved for Girl Mom posts around here, but when I read that Andrea's Come On In link up is today, I had to reschedule! I love a good link up! 

So, come on in, our master suite. 
DJ and I purchased our bedroom furniture about 6 years ago. Having a master suite with decent furniture was pretty high on my must have list when we first got married. Growing up, I babysat for too many families who had fabulous kid bedrooms, but their own masters had been neglected, and I knew that I did not want to neglect my own retreat space. 

I purchased our comforter about two years ago. That's about the life-span of our comforter's, and then I always decide that I want a change and decide to buy something new. Thankfully, I'm still loving this one, but I'd love to add a throw at the end. 

I also probably go overboard with the throw pillows, and i'm wanting to change those up sometime soon.
This is DJ's nightstand. I bought him the "You Are My Happy" print just a few weeks ago and framed it for him. He also has his Bible, an anniversary present that his parents bought us, and a few pictures of the girls. 
This is my nightstand area. 

I have my bridal portrait and jewelry armoire in this little corner.
Gretchen has been writing us little notes or leaving us little presents on our nightstand lately. 
I hung this mirror this summer in order to enlarge the space and add some more light. 

My mom bought us this black sofa table from TJ Max, and I added a basket to store baby blankets (I haven't cleaned them out from when Adalyn was little and sharing our room), and the few Willow Tree angels that we've collected our on our t.v. stand.
This is my dresser.
I have pictures of the girls flanked on each side. These were made in April, and are so special to me. There's one of me and each of my girls. 

The bouquet was my wedding bouquet. My grandmother made it, and even though it is Christmasy, I leave it out. 
My mom has purchased me several "push presents" when I had each of my girls. The tray and rose bowl are two of the presents, and the square candle holders were bought in Germany by my grandmother.
A portrait of the girls from last summer is on the other side of my dresser.
And then we have DJ's chest of drawers. Our wedding invitation is framed above the chest.

All of our furniture has a curved detail. I love the curved detail. It's a nice blend of masculine and feminine. 
And somewhere in the room, you'll find my Hunter boots. I'm not sure why, but I leave them out because they just make me happy. 

Thanks so much for coming in and checking out our master retreat! I love this space, and I love crawling into the bed at the end of the day! It's the best feeling ever!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

My honey pie's and I had a football filled, family lovin, house cleaning, bible studying weekend!

I had a meeting scheduled at 4:00 on Friday afternoon (who does that?), so Gretchen and I didn't leave school until almost 5:00. My sister in law and her family was coming in on Friday night, and I wanted to pick up the house and run the vacuum cleaner, so I decided to just drive through Sonic for dinner. 
It was a great idea, because then, I'd only have to feed Adalyn once we got home. 
As soon as I pulled in the house, I realized that I had forgotten Adalyn's ballerina baby at daycare. I called daycare, just to confirm, and had to turn around to go get the baby.

Adalyn received this baby doll for Christmas, and she's so attached to it. She cannot sleep without it, so anytime we can't find the baby, or if we leave the baby somewhere, we're pretty frantic. 

I ended up getting all of my house cleaning done, and I decided to let the girls stay up a little late to watch a movie. By the time that DJ's sister arrived, Megan was still awake, so she got some baby cousin cuddle time.
Megan was in 7th heaven holding her new baby cousin.

Saturday morning, we all got up bright and early to head to the TU game.
I attempted a picture of the girls before we headed out.

I decided to make them pink football tanks this year, and paired them with shorts from Adorable Essentials. Since it was raining, I let the big girls wear their rain boots. Meggie is wearing Kidorable boots, and they're on sale at Zulily
We arrived on time and in mostly one piece.

(I spent the first 30 minutes or so drying Meggie's shorts with a hair dryer because she had a little potty accident.)
My sister in law and brother in law went to walk around and I told them that I would keep my niece since it was raining. I snapped this picture and told DJ that I could totally rock having a 4th child! 

(And, I was totally kidding, because I'm crazy, but I am NOT that crazy!)
DJ posted a video of me (on his Facebook page) cheering at the TU Tulane game last week. He said that he had no idea that I got into a game that much. Apparently, it was even on t.v. I told him that I can definitely get in to a game, but for those time that I'm not, it's because I'm keeping up with our girls.

I probably spent 5 minutes cutting up a hot dog for Adalyn, not to mention the time before that that I was standing in line at the concession stand getting the girls food.
Megan ate and was so happy.
The big girls watched a movie.
And this is what our suite looked like during the game. 

I probably couldn't have seen the game even if I wanted to… we have a wide open space in the back and the girls played back there. I keep a bag of toys in DJ's office, take the pac-n-play, and I brought some coloring books, crayons, and the iPad to keep the girls entertained during the four hour game.
Meggie and I hanging out.

Around the 3rd quarter, Adalyn needed a nap, so we went down to DJ's office and she slept in his little closet.

TU ended up loosing to OU, but after the game we went home, put on comfy clothes and watched college football and BBQ chicken.
Gretchen put on a tap show for us on Sunday morning.
And Meggie dressed herself in her favorite t-shirt. We decided that she'll be Doc McStuffins for Halloween, since she loves Doc so much.

I spent some of my Sunday working on orders, doing laundry, vacuuming, and cleaning the house. 
Then Sunday afternoon, we headed out to Bible study.

Our Bible Study is on The Power of a Praying Wife, and two weeks in, i'm already learning so much!
After Bible study, we eat dinner and hang out.
This pretty much sums up how I felt about the weekend too.

It was busy and hectic, and absolutely perfect.

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