Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

The girls and I had a rather mundane and typical weekend! We definitely needed some down time after the crazy busy work week I had and with the upcoming holidays! Somehow I managed to still not accomlish everything on my to-do list, but the girls and I had some quality time together and I can 1,000% say that I enjoyed every minute of our weekend!
Friday night we rented Mr. Peabody and Sherman. We popped popcorn and watched the movie on our beanbag chairs in the living room.  The girls wanted to have another sleepover, but once I sent them up to Gretchen's room, Megan decided she wanted to sleep in my bed instead.
Adalyn has been learning to say "cheese" and smile for the camera! It's really cute watching her figure it out and trying to pose!
She is also loving her big sisters stroller! In fact, they've been fighting over this one, and DJ says that Adalyn needs to have a stroller under the tree. We actually have a plastic walker-style stroller, but Adalyn still prefers this one. She puts her own ballet baby in it, her blanket, and a sippy cup and happily pushes it around the house.
I managed to get two sets of Christmas pajamas made this wekend! Here's a sneak peek after the applique was applied, but before the stitches were added! I worked on pajamas while the girls played, and then again while Adalyn napped. And, I still have Gretchen's to finish!
Adalyn does not yet understand the gross factor of Bailey's bed, and while I was doing laundry she crawled over, started poking Bailey's nose and eyes, and irritated our Bailey so much  that she tried to turn away from Miss Adalyn. However, Addy was persistent and got as close as she could and started saying "Bailey" while pointing to her eyes and nose. I snapped a few pictures to send to DJ who was in Houston for TU's last away football game, and then to send to my dog-loving step dad!
Megan played dress up and the girls made a huge mess of Gretchen's bedroom!
Adalyn ate pretend food and was my helper while I worked on a little project!
These two girls are really starting to form a sweet little friendship and I love watching them play and giggle together!
Before dinner, I decided to embroider a roll of toilet paper.  I'm not 100% sure why this is a thing, but it totally makes for a wacky Christmas gift! I'm making these for everyone in my office at work! Last year, I gave napkins with funny little sayings, and I think everyone will appreciate the kitchiness of this gift!  
After dinner, was bath night, and Addy just looked so cute bundled up in her hooded towel! We have a routine of bundling up the girls, holding them like a baby and then swaying back and forth and us saying, "Sweet Baby".
After baths, we had mani's and pedi's.
DJ ended up getting home Saturday evening and we went to church Sunday morning. We were running late (our usual) and I didn't have time to snap a picture of the girls wearing their fall smocked dresses. Megan decided that she didn't want to go to her Sunday school class, so we let her join us in big church. She did amazingly well!

After church, the girls and I had lunch at Sam's Club- ha- and we grocery shopped, went to Target and then we went home.
I put Adalyn down for her nap and sent the big girls upstairs to clean Gretchen's room and I worked on making enchiladas for a friend and for us. I ended up making enough for us to each have two frozen meals!

After cooking and cleaning, we ran the food over to my friend's house and Megan fell asleep in the car.
I was going to get back out to to the grocery store, because I had to take two peach pie's to Gretchen's class on Monday, but I called DJ and made him go on his way home since Megan was sleeping.
Once we got home, I made the girls grilled cheese sandwiches, gave them a fruit cup and cheetoh's and called dinner done. They had a picnic and watched the new Sofia the First episode.
After dinner, it was time for pajamas and I caught Adalyn playing with baby dolls again.
It surprises me that she'll play with her big sister's babies, because she will only play with her ballet baby, out of all the baby dolls that she has. I also think it's adorable, because Gretchen never really played with baby dolls. She prefers princesses and Barbies.
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites: Weekly Re-Cap

What a week it's been! Full of meetings, some fun activities after school, and the never ending loads of laundry- ha!
I'm linking up today with Andrea, Narci, and Erika for Friday Favorites!
Tuesday afternoon I finished with an IEP meeting earlier than I expected,  so I picked up the littles from daycare and headed up to TU for their Christmas lighting ceremony. Christmas is my favorite time of the year!
The girls enjoyed Christmas cookies on the commons and listening to Christmas music.
The campus has an elementary school associated with them, and Gretchen asked if she could go to school there next year!
They were giving out flashing blue lights and Gretchen loved them! You can see it attached to her hat. I think it was her favorite part of the evening!
They lit up all the trees in TU blue and we watched a drone fly overhead.
I don't think I have ever seen one up close before. I'd love to see the pictures or video that it took.
When the ceremony was over, we went to DJ's office to see him after practice and then I took the girls to McCalisters before heading home.
And I was so greatly reminded how humbling it is to be a mom. Especially when Megan walks up to a man and points and yells, "Bad Guy!" and Adalyn tries to share her macaroni and cheese covered spoon with everyone that walks by!
The littles had their Thanksgiving lunch at daycare this week so I dressed them in their Turkey dresses!
I went with a super simple design for Thanskgiving this year in order to save this mama some time! Turns out, this design was your favorite this year too! I made so many of these shirts!
My house is all decorated for Christmas and I had to share one of my favorite areas! This is a little sneak peek of the ledge right behind my kitchen sink!
I finally finished up all online Christmas orders (I still have a few to do for some local friends) but I finished this shirt this week, and it's one of my favorite Christmas designs! I love the non-traditionial colors for the lettering!
This weekend, I'll be working on Christmas pajamas for the girls: I'm debating which design is my favorite, so if you have a choice, could you please leave me a comment and let me know! The Santa is leading, and I love him, but i'm also dying over the Elf Girl!
Santa (his beard will be minky dot, and he'll have lime green trim around his hat, but i plan on making his hat pink with red dots!
The Elf would be stitched in lime green, leopard, and pink/red dot material!
DJ says this design is missing a "La", so it's not  his favorite, but it's one of mine!
And I'm kind of dying over the elf girl! I think it would be really cute with the girls names underneath, but I'd have to decide on using the pink/red fabric for the front part of her hat, or using a leopard print!
So, help me! Which design is your Favorite???
And, thanks for stopping by for Friday Favorites! I hope you'll hop back over sometime soon!
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

#weltegram2014 November 10-19

I have been off on my days all week! Anyone else? I for one, am so glad it's Thursday! This week has been full of way too cold days, IEP meetings, stuffy noses, and laundry. I know, it sounds like so much fun!

Let's get to the recap of what our family has been up to lately!
November 11- The girls are ready for books and bed!
November 12- Homework time!
November 13- It's bitterly cold outside so Addy and I (and her big sisters too) came home and put our pjs on and now we are sitting by the fire and watching cartoons!
November 14- Gretchen is stylin today!
November 15- The girls had a great sister sleepover!
November 16-The girls had so much fun at Nolan's first birthday! They loved playing outside even though it was freezing!
November 17- Sisters
November 18- Selfie!
November 19-Lighting of the Commons at TU
November 20-Lots of homework tonight since we skipped last night!

We've obviously spent lots of time in our jammies! It's been so cold that all I want to do in the evenings is cuddle up and stay inside! Hope y'all are staying warm too!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

It's been several weeks since I've lined up for What I Wore Wednesday! Today, I'm back in the groove and I've tried really hard to remember to take a picture of my outfits before leaving for work every day. 

I'm in desperate need of a shopping trip, and our Branson vacation next weekend will be perfect to help spruce up my wardrobe! I love to shop as much as the next girl, but working full time leaves little time for the mall, and to be honest, I'd rather poke my eye with a fork than take three children to the mall by myself. I need a free babysitter and some help and that's exactly what I'll have next weekend! This mama is excited! (My hubby on the other hand, is probably not!)

Today I'm linking up today with The Pleated Poppy for WIWWGet Your Pretty On, and Because Shanna Said So for What I Wore Wednesday! 
We somehow skipped over fall and went straight to winter! I've pulled out lots of scarves to help keep me cozy throughout the day! 

I love this sheer navy tunic from Loft. I bought it last year, and it gets worn throughout the year due to the lightweight material. My cognac boots are Steve Madden, and my bracelet is from Nickel + Suede.  I couldn't find my exact scarf online, but this one is similar.
I love adding a puffer vest over my outfits to add extra warmth and layers. My cream colored tunic came from Loft, and I accessorized with a long gold necklace. My leggings are on sale at Nordstrom right now and they are super comfy! They have the perfect amount of stretch and an ultra-wide waistband that is very flattering! 

Don't forget ladies, if you wear leggings, cover your tushy!

And, just because we all love a good meme, I had to find a few for the occasion.

This year, I invested in a plaid shirt from Target. Yes, I just said Target. I wasn't 100% sure about jumping on the plaid bandwagon, and my $20.00 shirt from Target was the perfect jumping off point. Just for the record, I'm totally hooked. I added my puffer for good measure, through on my favorite Vigoss jeans, and put on my Toms Wedges

I also put together a little shopping wish list for next weekend:

1. Blanket Scarf - because who wouldn't want to be wrapped in a scarf-type blanket all day?
2. A bright colored puffer vest!
3. New jeans. I literally have two pair right now.
4. Booties. Every girl needs a pair of booties.
5. Plaid shirt- because let's face it, that Target plaid will only last so long!

I have lots of shopping to do!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Girl Mom: Thanksgiving Traditions!

The countdown to the holidays is on! I absolutely love this time of year! I love the memories that are made with my girls. I love sharing traditions from my childhood and creating new ones! It is seriously the best time of year, and being a Girl Mom just makes it that much better!
Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite holiday of the year! Christmas is by far my favorite, but Thanksgiving is a very close second! I love being with family, the food, and the traditions that are carried on throughout the years!
We always spend Thanksgiving with family. There are two years that I can remember that we did not travel over Thanksgiving weekend. One year, while we were living in Indiana, we had Thanksgiving with the football team since we had a game the next day, and one other year, DJ's dad and stepmom came to Indiana. We have traveled every other year.

Gretchen's first Thanksgiving (above) was spent at DJ's grandparents house in Indiana. It was the year after when DJ's parents came. 
That year, I carried on the tradition of making homemade rolls, just like my grandma makes every year. 
Gretchen and I on her 2nd Thanksgiving.
Once we moved closer to Arkansas, we were able to start traveling to my mom's house for Thanksgiving. 

We have been carrying on this tradition for four years now. 

Sadly, DJ is never able to travel with us to Arkansas. We haven't been able to spend a Thanksgiving together as a family since Gretchen was 2. I know, it sounds very strange, but football still happens every Thanksgiving weekend. This year, the team plays the day after Thanksgiving, sometimes it's the Saturday after, but the team still has practice on Thanksgiving day. DJ's Thanksgiving day will be spent at the football offices, and then he'll have team meetings and a team dinner on Thanksgiving night. I hate that we aren't able to spend the holiday together, but as I've told him, there's no way that I'm cooking for the 5 of us. Unless we have family that wants to come to our house, DJ lets the girls and I enjoy the holiday with my family. 
One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving, are the outfits! I love any excuse to dress the girls the same! I found matching smocked squirrel dresses and bought them for the girls. My sorority mascot was a squirrel, so these dresses were an obvious choice!
Last year was Adalyn's first Thanksgiving, and my mom made the girls pants and I made them turkey shirts to wear. 

Yes, I use any excuse I can get to coordinate the girls. 
I have a large extended family and I love that they all get together for the holidays! Typically, Thanksgiving is held at my mom's house, unless she's scheduled to work that day. Then, it's usually held at my aunt's house. I get a "kid free day" because my relatives don't get to see the girls often and they soak up all they can and steal my babies away for the day! I totally do not mind!
Last year, the girls and I headed to my mom's the day before Thanksgiving. We went to my sister-in-law's house and spent the afternoon baking pumpkin pie and making homemade rolls. 
My grandma and I also spent time debating the best ways to make her rolls, and this year she has told me that we aren't making rolls! I beg to differ! I want my girls growing up knowing how yummy her rolls are! When I was a child, they were the only food I would eat on Thanksgiving!
We watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade every year as well! I loved watching it as a child, and my girls love it too!

One year, I was invited to dance in the parade. Unfortunately, my mom wasn't so keen on sending my 16 year old self to New York City alone, so I wasn't able to go. I remind her of the missed opportunity every year as we watch the parade! Ha!

Once the parade is over, we get dressed, and our family arrives around noon. Then we eat until we are totally stuffed! Everything from turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, broccoli/cheese/rice casserole, and grandma's homemade rolls- yum!
For as long as I can remember, the girls in my family pack up the day after Thanksgiving and head to Branson, Mo. We rent a condo (or two) and then we all pile in, shop all day, and then hang in our pj's at night! I love that the girls have been able to share in this tradition!

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What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Favorite foods? Do spill!

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