Monday, December 22, 2014

Cookies, Parties, and Performances

Today is our first day of Christmas break!!! I am so excited to be home with my girls for the next two weeks! We have big plans to get teeth cleaned, organize some toys and closets, keep up with laundry, and best of all- lots and lots of Christmas festivities!!! 

We got the party started a bit last week; here's what we were up to...
I had to bake cookies in order to give to the bus drivers and custodians at school, so I enlisted the girls to help me decorate them, and I let them eat a few too!

 After dance class, we had a Happy Birthday Jesus party! We usually do this closer to Christmas time, but Gretchen made an advent at church, and the first thing she scratched off was to bake a cake for Jesus' birthday, so we went ahead and celebrated!
I gave the girls each two candles to blow out, but Meggie was too afraid to blow hers out, so her big sister came to the rescue!
We came home Tuesday night and made chocolate covered potato chips so I could take to our pinterest party at school on Wednesday. 
We dipped lots of potato chips and all the teachers loved them!
Gretchen had her winter party at school on Thursday. I was yet again thankful that she and I are at the same school so I could be with her for these important little moments!

Thursday night was Megan's preschool performance. We came home from school, had dinner, quick baths, and then got ready to head back up to preschool for her performance. She had been talking about her song and performance all week and was so excited!
I was a little nervous about how Megan would act on stage, but I also was hopeful because she was excited and talking about it all week. We snapped a few pictures before meeting her teacher; we had to drop the kiddos off with their teachers and then we were able to go find seats. Megan was pretty whiney when I dropped her off, but her teacher distracted her with candy canes. 

We found our seats, and waited for the show to begin. Megan came in with her class, holding her teachers hand and went up on stage. Unfortunately, she stood on stage the entire time and didn't move. She was pretty frozen. But, we were so proud of her for staying on stage throughout the performance!
We snapped this picture as the kids were leaving. Megan has the best teacher and I was so thankful that she gets Meggie's little quirks and helps her to always do her best! She's learned so much this year!
The girls got cookies after the performance and we attempted another picture before we went home!

On a bright side, Adalyn wasn't flailing on the floor this time! #wetakewhatwecanget

This past week totally exhausted me! I'm looking forward to our week of celebrating Jesus and Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

#weltegram2014 Dec 8- Dec 17

December is half way over, which means the year is almost over!!! And, that means that my #weltegram2014's are almost over too! And y'all, that might be the best Christmas gift ever! LOL! I told DJ that whle I have loved capturing our life this year, I won't be doing it next year. The demands are just too much, and sometimes I've even stressed about not getting a picture. I just don't need that in my life, so next year, i'll be documenting our life in typical Elaine fashion- random spurts. I just love me some random!
Random describes our family so well. We are all over the place, we lead very busy lives, not one day is similar to the next day. And, I wouldn't have it any other way!
So, on to our random #weltegram2014s for the week:
December 8- My little ballerina.
December 9- The Welte girls ready to watch Rudolpha!
December 10-Sweet G, sleeping in mommy's bed.
December 11- G and I sporting our Christmas clothes at school. It was ugly Christmas sweate day for me, but at least she got to wear a cute dress!
December 12- Date Night!!!
The girls preschool had a babysitting night, so we took the girls and we went Christmas shopping and out to eat for our annivesary!
December 13- We surprised the girls by taking them to the Tulsa Christmas Parade.  
December 14- Holiday baking with the girls!
December 15- The Magic of Christmas!

Adalyn has been so fascinated by our tree this week! It's almost as if she hasn't noticed it for the two weeks that it has been up, but now she can't keep her hands out of it!
December 16- It's a Christmas Miracle!!! Meggie wore a dress to preschool!
December 17- Happy 9 year anniversary to this guy! I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Girl Mom: Christmas Gift Ideas

Today's Girl Mom post is all about Gift Ideas!!!! My girls have helped my compile a huge list of ideas; some of their own, and a few that I came up with! I have you covered for girls of all ages!

Gretchen is dying for Barbies. That's all she is asking for! I love that Barbies have a variety of price ranges, so they're super affordable for all budgets!
Gretchen has been begging for a Barbie Dream House! Unfortunately, the BDH isn't budget friendly, but it's perfect for a larger Santa gift! For an almost 7 year old, this gift will be perfect, and I love that the other girls will be able to play with it as they grow, so I'm sure that Santa will get his money's worth!
Megan LOVES Doc McStuffins! She's been asking for a Doc Mobile since October! One day, the girls and I were at Target, and she threw a fit because she saw one and wanted it right then and there. Thankfully, she is waiting very patiently. 
Since we are taking our girls to Disney in March, new luggage is definitely on the Christmas list! Pottery Barn Kids has adorable luggage, but for us, it wasn't budget friendly, but the luggage from Lillian Vernon was a great option!
A sleeping bag is another fun idea for girls of all ages! My girls will drag out their sleeping bag on movie nights and definitely take them along on sleepovers!
A bean bag is another fun option! Pottery Barn bean bags run around $100.00, but Target has great ones for around $20.00! Hello budget friendly! Gretchen and Megan both have bean bags, and Adalyn will be getting one this year!

This pink cozy coupe car is perfect for the littlest of honey pie's! I saw this one on Zulily about a month ago, and had to order it for Adalyn! We probably have enough outside toys, but I could not resist this one!

What gifts are on your honey pie's list this year?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Festivities!

Our family has been busy, busy getting ready for Christmas!!! We've tried hard to carve out some Christmas fun over the last few weeks and we have more plans to celebrate Christmas in the days to come! 
Our Elf brought the girls a gingerbread house so we could make him a home away from home!
The girls spent about an hour making his house just perfect!
We let each of them decorate a top and either the front or back. It was much easier to have them sitting across from each other and decorating their side rather than having them fight while we did one side at a time. 

Gretchen had a little program at her school's assembly a few weeks ago. They sang two little Christmas songs and it made me thankful once again that I was at her school every day. 

She did a really good job singing and doing all of the motions she had learned in music class. I was able to video the performance since DJ wasn't able to be there. 

The girls have also been wearing their Christmas pajamas lots and lots! 
We had an evening where we decorated the tree as a family, and all of us in our pj's!
Our Christmas tree belongs to all of us, so I feel that it's important that we decorate together. The girls get to put on the ornaments that we bought them as a baby, or that my mom has bought them every year. 

DJ and I buy ornaments when we travel, and it's fun to look back at the memories we've made on trips and tell the girls story of where we've been. 
Addy wasn't the best helper, so DJ kept her entertained with red beads.

 The girls have lots of Christmas clothes! Most of their smocked dresses get two seasons of wear out of them, and I wait until closer to Christmas to pull out their new Christmas dress. And, then they wear it tons and tons around the week of Christmas. 
I had the girls all matchy-matchy before church last week and I attempted a few pictures. 
They stood so far apart and like little soldiers! Ha!
Then we tried putting Adalyn with her big sisters and this is what we got.
She was so mad that DJ sat her down, sos he threw herself down on the ground in a huge temper-tantrum!

Saturday evening, we took the girls to the Tulsa Christmas Parade. 
We bundled them up, loaded them in the car and then drove downtown without telling them where we were going. The whole time we were walking toward the parade, and even as Gretchen so floats, bands, and people, she had no idea where we were going! She kept thinking it was a pet parade because she saw dogs dressed up all over the place!
She was really surprised and excited once she figured it out! We finally found seats, spread out blankets on the ground and waited for the parade to start.
The parade lasted about an hour and the girls loved when they were handed candy canes and tootsie rolls!

They would get up and dance when the bands came along or when the floats played music! 

It was such a fun night and a new tradition that we'll have to carry on year after year!

I hope y'all are all busy making fun Christmas memories too! What are some things that you've done already and what's on your list to come?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Deck The Halls!

I had wanted to share my Christmas decorations with y'all last week, but time got away- doesn't it always? So, here we are today, sharing how I decorated my house this year!

I just love decorating for Christmas! I typically decorate in November during the last away football game of the season. That way, DJ is gone and he doesn't have to endure the mess! The girls and I have a pajama day and we get it all done.

So, come on in, and enjoy taking a peek around our home. 
I decorate with an old-world style in my entry way. My mom gave me these Santa's and I have loved pulling them out every year. I have a mini chalkboard, and a few pictures of the girls from Christmas.
This is in our 2nd little entry area. The tall cabinets hold the girls shoes, socks, and gloves. Above are their newborn pictures, and on the top of the cabinets, I placed a little metal snowman that Gretchen's first babysitter gave us, "Snow" figures, and then Adalyn's mistletoes that she made us last year at daycare.
Next stop is the girls' bathroom. I put their little Christmas tree in here. and then I decorated the shelves above the potty.
I use to keep their tree in the playroom, but once Adalyn arrived, the playroom became Gretchen's bedroom, so now their bathroom is their only shared space.

I kept their bathroom happy and playful. I put Santa pictures from previous years on the shelves, a plush snowman, and some fun metal signs, and Christmas towels.

Next stop, the dining room.
I use to overdecorate my table. Now, I like to keep it as simple as possible so it makes clean up a breeze.
I placed greenery in a red urn that I had, and then added stems of berries. 
The girls also have a fun little sideboard in the kitchen. That's where I put their advent, gingerbread plates, a gingerbread plush, a fun little metal elf, a few decks of cards, and crayons.
Above the kid table is this metal gingerbread.
On the other side of the dining room, I hung pictures we made last year with their hand and foot prints. We'll be making more this year!

And, on to the kitchen:
Most of my kitchen is decorated with Spode, with a few other pieces thrown in. 
The Spode Christmas pattern is my favorite. I love how it's a classic design. 

I had a Christmas themed wedding shower before we got married, and many of my Christmas decorations came from my wedding shower. I also have Spode dishes and glasses, that I love getting to use this time of year!
I decorated the ledge behind my kitchen sink with greenery, silver pinecone candlestick holders, and added lots of red sparkles in my stands and in a glass urn. 
The greenery with the fruit was used at our wedding. Many of the fruit pieces are beginning to fade, but I love looking and remember the memory of that day.
I kept the decorations minimal in the living room, except for the fireplace. I just love an overly decorated mantle at Christmas time!

I used holly bushes, sparkly ornaments, berries, and red feathers. 
On our end table, I put pictures from the girls First Christmas'. 
I decorated the banister with greenery and deco-mesh.

I love deco mesh, and feel like it makes a huge statement and it is so easy! I use floral wire, and just tie it into place!

And, our Christmas tree this year:
I used the same red and lime green mesh to decorate the tree, and I bought a new lime green and red tree skirt for us. 

Gretchen has been making letters and drawing pictures to give as Christmas gifts, so she's been putting them under our tree. 

Every year, I tell DJ that we are going to get a new tree, and for the past 9 years, we've used the same one that we bought for our first Christmas together. 
Our tree holds a hodge lodge of ornaments. I love that it doesn't have a theme, but that it has memories. Isn't that what it's all about anyway?
My mom buys the girls an ornament every year. Last year, they all received a princess. We also have hand painted ornaments from each of the universities DJ has worked for. 
We have Fontini's and Radko's mixed in with handmade ornaments from the kids!
My tree topper is nothing more than floral pics. I have everything from a holly bush, sparkling green twirly things, sparkling holly, red feathers, and more red sparkles. After our tree is decorated, I add just shove everything into the top in a hodge podge manner, and it always looks fabulous. 
I decided to put our nativity in our master bedroom. I honestly didn't have the tablespace for it this year, and I was afraid if it was too low, that Adalyn would get into it. I actually love having it in my bedroom, and may decide to put it here every year. My mom gave us our nativity as a wedding present. 
I think it's beautiful because all of the figures have sparkles and shimmer. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas tour!

Have a great weekend!

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