Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WIWW & Pinspired

These days, i'm full on living my life moto of, "It will get done; Eventually." Work has been crazy busy this week, and it feels like Thursday rather than Wednesday, my girls have been sleeping late, which means we've been running about 5-10 minutes behind schedule every day this week, and I've been slammed with IEP's, so the fact that this post is even going up today. Well, y'all, it's a miracle!
I've also been horrible about taking pictures of what I've been wearing. Every week I promise that i'll get better, and from here on out y'all, it is what it is! I'm honestly not in love with many of my own outfits that i'm sharing today. I like them, but I don't love them. Know what I mean?
I paired my Matilda Jane Finn pants with a long grey tank. I obviously needed coverage, so I added a beige cardigan from Banana Republic, and accessorized with a long necklace. I love my Finns, I love my tank, I love my necklace, but I needed a different cardigan, now that I'm looking at this look again.
This is another that I'm not in love with. For one, I'm falling out of love with my skinny jeans. My newer Vigoss jeans are my absoulte favorite and i'm wearing them all the time. My t is from J Crew Factory and I love the length. I added my stripe cardigan from Loft, and my leopard print sandals.
I think this look would have been better had my Vigoss jeans been clean and if I had a few layering necklaces. I have my eye on several from Stella & Dot!
Saving the best of my looks for last. I was able to purchase this shirt from Sashy Pants for way cheap. I wore this on Monday, and I'm easily going to add it into my weekly rotation. I love the colors, the length, the material, the flowers. It is just perfection.
I paired my top with Vigoss jeans and wedges!
And, after browsing my pins on Pinterest, I've decided that I need to add a blue and white gingham shirt to my closet. Exhibit A, B, and C follow:

See what I mean.
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Girl Mom: Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner! Today, I'm taking a look back at our last 6 Halloween's and sharing our costumes!

Since I'm a girl mom, our costumes are typically in the princess category! And, I've loved being able to make the girls their Halloween costumes each year. I started making Gretchen's costume when she was one, and up until last year, I made her costume each year. I continued the tradition when Megan and Adalyn came along. 
Gretchen was a dalmation puppy on her first Halloween. I made her a tutu dress and added black sequins with a red "collar". I paired her tutu with black leggings, Mary Janes, and puppy dog ears. Her puppy dog ears were actually bunny rabbit ears, and I just tacked them down, hot glued sequins and added a black and white hair bow.
Gretchen was a clown on her 2nd Halloween. I made her a colorful tutu with red ribbon suspenders, added a flower clip, made two pigtail bows, and then made little tulle pieces to fit on her legs. 

Isn't she the cutest clown ever!
Gretchen's Cinderella gown wasn't worn as a Halloween costume, but it could have been! I made her this dress for Disney on Ice.
When Megan came along, I wanted to be able to have a theme to the girls costumes. Gretchen was Little Miss Muffet, and Megan was the spider. Gretchen wore a long sleeve pink leotard, pink tights, leg warmers, an apron, and a floppy bonnet. I made Megan a ridiculous spider tutu complete with fuzzy legs, and the most amazing spider web hair clip that I could come up with! I found a black foam spider web shape from an arts and crafts kid at Target, added marabou and a polymer clay spider. Her spider outfit is probably my most favorite to date.
The next year, Gretchen wanted to be Tinkerbell, so I made her costume as well. I did buy her the real Tinkerbell shoes though!
I couldn't come up with anything specific to coordinate, so Megan was a fairy.
The time finally came that Gretchen did not want a homemade costume, and I was so sad! She was determined to be Sofia the First, so we bought her costume for the very first time. I made Megan a witch tutu, and since it was too cold for Adalyn to wear her actual costume, she wore a little witch outfit paired with a witch hat.
Here's Adalyn on her first Halloween.

The witch hats are available through Honey Pie Accessories.
I typically let the girls wear a dress up outfit for their Halloween celebrations at school. Last year, Megan was Minnie Mouse.

This year, my girls have decided on being characters from Doc McStuffins. Megan loves Doc, so that is what she'll dress up as. Gretchen is going to be Lambie. We are going to glue cotton balls all over a turtleneck and leggings and make a pink tutu for her to wear! Adalyn will play the part of Stuffie, so i'm making her a snowman tutu similar to Gretchen's first Dalmation puppy tutu. 

What are your kids dressing up for this year?

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

We had such a busy weekend; i'm pretty sure that i'm still recovering and it will probably take me all week to catch back up on my sleep! 

Friday after school, Gretchen and I went to the grocery store before heading to pick up her sisters. We came home and I quickly cleaned up the house, baked brownies, and got ready for my Stella & Dot party.
I have been eyeing several piece over the last year, so I was excited to have an in-home styling party. The jewels are so much more stunning in person than they are in pictures. Several of my close friends came, and we really enjoyed the time chatting, trying on jewels, and snacking and we may have enjoyed a glass of wine or two! 

I did have several friends that weren't able to make it due to high school football games, and if any of y'all are interested too, you can shop online HERE.
After the party we had a few family snuggles then put the big girls to bed.
Meggie fell asleep in the living room again. 
The next morning I picked up the house a little bit, and Adalyn enjoyed playing on our bed. One of my friends came over to watch the girls and I was able to escape for a hair cut.
I was thinking that I'd let my hair grow out again, but when I got to the salon, I told Valerie to do whatever she wanted. I wasn't sure if I needed a cut or a trim, and she ended up giving me a swingy- shoulder style cut. 

I came home to fix the girls lunch and once I put Adalyn down for her nap, I worked on this shirt.
Y'all are going crazy over this "gobble" Thanksgiving shirt!

That evening, I fed Adalyn dinner, gave the girls a bath, and we all headed out to the TU game.
The girls were so excited to go to football! Megan had been asking about the game since Friday.
When we were driving in, the girls saw the big bouncy slide and asked to go. They took about three turns and loved it!
I was honestly shocked that Meggie did such a good job sliding down once she got to the top. I was honestly afraid that she'd chicken out. 
Then we headed in to the football offices. I leave a bag of toys in DJ's office, and we drag them out and up to our family suite for the games. 
Megan was really interested in the game. She watched the team run out on to the field, watched the dancers and the bands, and did some cheering.
Gretchen enjoyed the iPad. 
Honestly, the game was pretty dull until the 4th quarter. The girls ate hot dogs and popcorn and played well in the suite. The score was 17-10 in the 4th quarter and we came back to tie the ball game in the last seconds of the game. I took selfless with Megan to pass the time since it was getting so late.
After our first over time, I put Adalyn in her pajamas and in the Ergo. It was 10:45 and she was getting so sleepy! I have a pac-n-play in DJ's office, so I can always put her down for a nap or for bed if she's too tired, but I was so impressed with how well she handled the game! 

We ended up loosing in triple over time, and we finally made it home around 11:45 and I got all the girls in the bed.

We decided to stay home on Sunday morning. All the girls slept until 8:30-ish. And I started the laundry and then went to run a quick errand while DJ was still home. 
Adalyn learned how to climb on our bed, so she was showing off her climbing skills. 
After the big girls ate lunch, I finished this shirt.
Adalyn took a nap around 11, so she had a late lunch. 
Meggie played on the iPhone for a while.

We ended up skipping Bible study and staying home so I could work on orders, do laundry, and get the house cleaned. 
Meggie wanted to watch my machine work and I even let her press the button a few times. 

We heated up frozen pizza for dinner, and then the girls watched cartoons while I finished cleaning the bedrooms. 
Around 7, I looked over and found Meggie asleep on the couch! I had to wake her up, because I knew that she wouldn't sleep long and then bedtime would be even more of a disaster then it usually is!

After bedtime, I fixed lunches, mopped the kitchen and worked on more laundry! I'm pretty sure I could've crashed much earlier than I did!

See y'all back here tomorrow for "Girl Mom"! I'll be showcasing lots of Halloween costume ideas!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites: My Favorite Peeps

It's Friday! Can I get an Amen!

This week has been all over the place, which is just how my peeps and I roll.

Here are a few of my favorite things with my favorite people from the past week!
1. Miss Addy Pearl gets fussy in the evening. On this particular day, I strapped her in my Ergo and I was able to get a few things accomplished around the house, and she was happy as a lark.
2. This girl insists on wearing socks with her shoes. I can't talk her out of it. Socks and shoes are her favorite combination ever.
3. My favorite neice ever. A came up last weekend when my mom came up, and I loved having her here!
4. I love when my girls play dress up. Meggie was a ballerina.
5. One of my favorite things is seeing my girls love each other. I love how their friendship is growing.
6. These are my favorite Matilda Jane dresses. My girls paired them with their rainboots because it was pooring down rain when we got ready for church on Sunday morning!
7. I was called home on Monday because Meggie was running a temperature at daycare. I brought her home to take a nap, and then I noticed some sores inside her mouth. I took her to the doctor, and wouldn't you know by the time that we got there, she was fever free and acting like her goofy self. Turns out she had herpangina, which sounds like a bad STD, but it's pretty similar to hands, foot, mouth.
8. I made my husband's favorite chocolate chip cookies this week.
9. Addy Pearl's favorite place to play is our ottoman.
10. And she obviously loves the bath! As soon as I had bathed her and put her pj's on, I found her back in the tub with her big sisters.
11. I love having this girl at school wtih me every day.
12. And my girls were my running buddies this week.
13. And I'm currently doing a favorite bible study. "The Power of a Praying Wife", which goes perfectly with my favorite candy- skittles.
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