Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Girl Mom: To Pierce or Not To Pierce

Today's post is all about making the decision to pierce your daughter's ears. As a girl mom, I remember being faced with this decision when I was pregnant with Gretchen! For one, I couldn't believe it was such a debatable choice for us mom's to have to make! 
There are those of us who believe our daughter's should make the choice for themselves when they're old enough, and others who feel that if ears are pierced when they're infants, then first, your adorable little girl won't be mistaken for a little boy, and they'll have no memory of having it done. 

Personally, I think both are valid reasons, but I knew all along that we would wait until our girls were older to get their ears pierced. Mostly because, that was the decision that my mom made for me, and I still remember getting my ears pierced! I wanted my daughter to have that memory as well, and to be able to make the choice herself. 

This past August, the girls and I were visiting my mom while DJ was busy with fall football practice. I was taking Gretchen to Little Rock to get her back to school hair cut and on the way, I thought it would be so much fun to get Gretchen's ears pierced!

We had talked about the idea when she was four, but she was too scared and didn't want to do it. When I brought it up in the car, I honestly thought that she would still be afraid, so I was shocked when she excitedly agreed! I told her that we needed to call her daddy first and ask his permission. DJ's answer was pretty much, "You're going to do it anyway, so go ahead." He knows us so well!

I talked to Gretchen in the car, about how it doesn't hurt too bad, and it's the sound of the "gun" that is more scary! I also told her that once she got one pierced, she HAD to go through and get the other one pierced.  She agreed that she would be okay as long as I held her hand. 

We went to Merle Norman's, I held her hand, and her ears were pierced!
She was so happy, so excited! And, I was too! It was such a fun memory for us to have together. 

We were great about taking care of her ears for the first several weeks. About four weeks in, she was dying to take them out and change out her earrings. I kept reminding her that we had to wait until 6 weeks. 

The weeks went by and we changed out her earrings, we let her sleep in her earrings, so as to not close the holes, and she even got earrings for Christmas. 

Fast forward to now…… We have been taking Gretchen's earrings out more, and it's becoming a pain to change them. First, she throws a fit and cries. My mom had told her to sing, "Jesus Loves Me" when she's scared, and she does. She also repeats to herself, "beauty is pain, beauty is pain!" (I told her that once a few years ago.) Her ears have gotten really infected, and I feel like the hole is not as high as it should be. Part of me feels that something went wrong, and I put her earrings in a hole that wasn't really there to begin with. I don't know if that really could have happened. Her ears are itchy and bleeding, and DJ and I have made the decision that maybe, just maybe, she was too young and we need to let her holes grow back in. Her ears need to heal.

I think she's like me and that her ears are very sensitive to the metal posts. She's been earring free for about four days now, and her ears are still bleeding off and on- because she's scratching them. 

I'm really sad that she started throwing fits and that her earrings caused her so much pain. But, i'm also okay that her holes close and we try again when she's older, if she wants to. 

I think as girl mom's it's so important that we make an educated decision to pierce our daughter's ears, or not to! 

I want to know your story! When did you get your ears pierced and did that influence your decision with your own daughter? How does your daughter handle getting her earrings changed? How did you keep them from getting infected?!

If I could go back again, we wouldn't have gotten her ears pierced. But, lesson learned! Megan and Adalyn won't be getting their ears pierced when they're 5 1/2. I'm thinking 10 will be a much better age!


  1. Bless her little heart! My husband and I both agreed long before Eviee came into this world that she had to be 10 years old and had to have been asking to get them done for some time. Not just an over night decision. Live and learn mama!!! I hope the heal soon!

  2. Piercings can be pretty but not always a good thing for young girls. My grandchild, Lani, has scars due to her ears getting infected. Good parents take great care in the hygiene and allergies of a child if they allow piercings.

  3. My two oldest girls both begged me at a 3 to get their ears pierced so we did. My oldest, Autumn, has a reaction to fake earrings. She has to wear real and avoid anything from claires or they turn red and bother her. She can wear the cheaper ones for the day but definitely not over night. Aubrey has no problem wearing any type of earrings. Changing them out has never been an issue for us neither. If they do not go in easy through the front, we insert them through the back first which really helps! It's been a really positive experiencefor us and they have so much fun picking out new ones to coorcoordinate with holidays and outfits. We will definitely be getting Adilyns done when she asks and feel that she's truly ready.


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