Monday, March 3, 2014

Super Crazy Fantabulous Past Few Days

Well, y'all, it's been a week! Or a weekend, or whatever. Let me just say that i'm so glad that we had snow and ice yesterday and I get one more day off! 

I'm not going to be so excited now that we will be heading into another week in June at the end of this school year, thus delaying my summer plans, but for the moment, I'm sort of glad that I have another day. My "to-do list" was only about 1/2 accomplished this weekend!

I didn't blog on Friday, since I was at a continuing education conference, so we have a lot of catching up to do! 

Let's get started. Shall we?
Wednesday night we decided to go out to eat. That's what happens when we forget to get something out of the freezer and I'm too lazy to cook. 

I picked up the little girls from daycare, went by the house to get Gretchen, fed Addy, and then we went to the restaurant to get a table. DJ met us there, and I was so thankful when he finally walked through the door! Megan was throwing a few fits, Gretchen blew her straw paper across the table, I was trying to feed Addy her baby food, and she was screaming most of the time through it, and it was just crazy. So crazy, in fact, that the people who were going to be seated behind us asked to be moved! I wish I was kidding. I wanted to go sit at their table. 

That evening, Megan started throwing up. I started regretting the fact that I didn't have a margarita at dinner. 

DJ stayed home with Megan on Thursday until two. I've taken about 6 "sick days" already this year, and I'm pretty sure that if my principals could fire me, they would. I left work around 2 to pick Megan up from DJ's office, and she fell asleep in the car on the way to get Adalyn from daycare. 
Bless her little heart.

Thankfully, her little tummy bug was short lived and that evening the girls and I made brownies for DJ.
This is the best part of baking!

Now that I'm a mommy, I have to share the spoon. That's love y'all. 

Friday I had a continuing education conference at TU. DJ and I met for lunch and that night we took the girls back to their daycare for a parent's night out.
Here's Addy and I before we left the house! She was ready for bed!
And DJ and I after we dropped the girls off. We were so excited for a kid free date night!

We started off the night by going to David's Bridal, so I could order my bridesmaid's dress for a wedding this summer. Then we went to Hobby Lobby, and Best Buy. We may or may not have bought a ridiculously large t.v. 
We didn't have time for dinner, so we went to Sonic.

I decided that the perfect ending to my date night would be a peanut butter cup blast and an order of mozzarella sticks.

I was right. It was the perfect ending.
And yes, we did buy that ridiculously big t.v.

When I tucked G in that night, she asked me to sleep with her. I told her that I would, but when I went upstairs, I had no idea where I'd fit! 

Sometimes, you just have to sleep with a bunch of toys to make your daughter happy.
On Saturday morning, DJ and G watched The Little Mermaid in 3-D on our new t.v.

Ridiculous. I told you!

Megan got dressed and chose her bows herself. She was telling me that her tongue was dirty and wanted me to take a picture of her dirty tongue. 

That morning, I took the girls to the post office and to Verizon, and the plan was to go to Target afterward, but one big girl kept throwing tantrums, and this mama told her that if she continued to throw a fit, that we'd head home and skip Target. And, i'm not one to go back on my promises so that's what we did. 

After lunch and a failed attempt at naps, DJ and I re-arranged his office.

Then, we almost rushed Megan to the ER.

While we were in the office, Megan literally tripped over her own feet, fell into a chair and bit a huge chunk out of her bottom lip. 

I called our neighbor to watch Gretchen, and then I called a good friend to see what the best ER would be to take Megan to. She let me know that her husband, a nurse & fireman, was working at the fire station by our house, and suggested that we take her there first so he could get a look. He and the other ER nurse that was on call at the station, said that it wouldn't be worth it to take her in. The anesthesia to put her to sleep for just one stitch wouldn't be worth it, since she didn't bite through her lip. Plus, Megan was already FREAKING OUT, so we decided to take her home, and give her a popsicle to help numb her lip.
She later fell asleep on the couch around 6 pm, so Gretchen and I finally went to Target. Megan was still asleep when we got home, and woke up right around bedtime. I know that's good timing on our part. So, she stayed up and watched a movie with DJ and me.
This is her at 10:30 when the movie was finally over and she finally went to bed. 

When we woke up on Sunday, it was snowing and sleeting, so we stayed home from church. We watched Brave and Peter Pan, and then I turned on cheerleading.
Naturally, Gretchen decided she wanted to be a cheerleader, so she went upstairs and put on her bathing suit, and grabbed her pom poms. I know, don't all cheerleaders cheer in their swimsuits. 

Despite the snow, DJ took the big girls to the TU basketball game and I got to hang out with this cutie:
Scroll back above and you may just notice that she's wearing the same pajamas as she was on Friday night. And, I assure you, I didn't do laundry. Just keeping it real y'all. 

Okay, so here's the office re-do: 
We moved his desk over in the corner, switched a few tables around, moved a bookcase, and hung his 49ers helmet on the wall with his 49ers pictures. 
We also organized the filing cabinets, but that's boring, and we re-organized his football memorabilia on the bookcase. 

I hope your weekend was just as thrilling as mine! Come back tomorrow, because I have a NEW blog post series that is starting and i'm so excited about it! 

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  1. What a busy & fun weekend! Your girls are so cute! I'm glad Megan was okay! Your office looks great. We need to go through my husband's filing cabinet and I've been putting it off but now that we have a snow day today I think I may tackle it!


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