Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIWW: A Dress Edition

Today's edition of What I Wore Wednesday, is a little different! I play by my own rules, and honestly I've been stuck in the house since Saturday, and I have no outfit pictures to share. So, I thought I'd change it to "What I Would Wear."

DJ and I have a wedding in April for one of his co-workers. The wedding is in Denver, and we decided to leave the girls with my mom and that we would have a little get away weekend!

The only problem, is that my dress collection is sparse. I have several dresses that I wear with leggings. I have a more formal cocktail dress, and then I have a handful of dresses that I've had for several years. 

Personally, I think the occasion calls for a new dress. And because I work full time, and have three little girls, that means that I need to do some online shopping!
 I found this dress at Loft. (Here) and I love the detail around the neckline. It's so elegant. I'm not sure the color would look good on me. I have a feeling it would totally wash me out. 
I love the simplicity of this dress. (Here) Plus, I can see myself wearing this all the time!
I'm dying over this dress! I love how it flares at the bottom, and it's another one that I think I could wear more than once. (Here)

This dress is available in the Junior Department at Nordstrom's. (Here) I think I could totally dress it up to be wedding appropriate.
I went to Gap next, and found this blue dress. (Here) I'm a sucker for anything royal blue, because I can totally convince DJ that it's appropriate for any football event. 

This is another dress i'm drooling over! I love the 3/4 sleeves and the flare of the skirt. (Here). It's totally appropriate for a wedding in Denver in April. 

So, which is your favorite? Where's your "go-to" dress store?


  1. Hi Elaine! I love summer dresses! It's hard to find dresses that fit just right though and shopping online is tricky without the option of trying them on. I look forward to seeing what other readers share!
    My two cents? My favorite summer dresses are actually from Lands End. (No I'm not a Grandma :-) I'm an early 30's petite SAHM :-) I happened to buy one dress and LOVED the fit so much I bought two more in different colors. These dresses can be fancy with heels and the right accessories. The flare of the skirt is so cute! I just wish it came in black as it would be the perfect LBD. Here is the link:
    Hope this helps! Oh and I am a native Coloradan :-) You will love visiting here!

    1. Thanks so much! I'll check them out for sure! I never think about Lands End!

  2. My vote is the royal blue with a blingy necklace!! Love it!

    1. Erika, DJ would like that too b/c he'll seriously think i'll wear it for whatever football function that we go to! It works every time :)

  3. Replies
    1. Black is always so classy! Maybe I do need a new LBD!


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